Our Mission

We at Caetus Technology Co., Ltd. aim to create healthier, more fulfilling lives for people everywhere. To do so, we leverage outstanding technologies and concepts to provide products and services designed to solve specific issues. We work earnestly in the hope of serving as a bridge between technological innovation and people’s daily lives.

  • Make sincere contributions to people’s health and happiness

  • Become "neighborly" specialists who people can rely on

  • Turn outstanding ideas into effective solutions to share with society without delay

Origin of Caetus

Caetus Technologyロゴ

"Caetus" was coined from two Latin words: "Caelum", meaning the heavens or society, and "Ventus", meaning the wind.
Our name signifies our desire to create technology that, like the wind, brings fresh air into society and people’s lives.

Company Profile

Caetus Technology Co., Ltd.
Head office
8F AKABISHI-II, 4-1-30 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052, Japan
Hironaga Hashimoto, CEO
January 21, 2016
10 million JPY
Content of business
Planning and development of solution-oriented cosmetics and sanitary goods
Planning and development of IoT/healthcare apps
Tokyo, Nagoya
Member, Nanocellulose Forum
Member, Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (Tokyo Branch)
Member, Cosmetic Fair Trade Conference
Consulting lawyer
Satoru Kanai (Daini Tokyo Bar Association), Daichi Law Offices
Consulting patent attorney
EICHI Patent & Trademark Corp.
Correspondent banks
Aichi Bank, The Bank of Nagoya